Engage Talent

Abridged description of the company
Engage Talent is a human resources technology business that helps hiring managers locate and better retain existing talent. Using machine learning and public data mining, Engage Talent’s technology identifies potential recruits who may not be actively searching for a job but are open to a job change. Interestingly, the company’s technology can be used by HR leadership within an organization to anticipate potential talent loss. The company has seen strong traction ($1 million ARR as of January 2018), has a strong list of customers (which include a number of Fortune 500 companies). The product demo revealed a slick and usable HR platform. A strong ROTR syndicate came together for the round: Grand Ventures, a strong regional investor, lead the round, with High Alpha, another one of our leading partners, participating. As a Charleston business, Engage Talent has not attracted much attention yet, creating an under-the-radar investment opportunity into this high-quality team and serial entrepreneur founder. The company is well-positioned for future growth.
Metro Area
CEO Name
Joseph Hanna